Amplify Your Sales Dramatically – Sales Strategy for Success

October 20, 2018by Index Ninja0

Are your sales not hitting the mark?  Do you have a defined Sales Strategy for Success?

Have you mastered your sales pitch, but can’t reach enough decision makers to sell to? 

Many sales professionals are searching to find that secret that will take their sales record to the next level. 

Stop calling the switchboard numbers and wasting time on gatekeepers. 

Calling switchboard or company main numbers wastes over 20 minutes to connect to an executive compared to just under 5 minutes to connect calling verified direct dial numbers only. 

The average amount of time and calls it takes to speak with a target is called a reach rate. 

The industry average reach rate is 22 to 1 and could be the reason why your sales might be lower than expected. 

Using the Index Ninja methodology of calling at optimal times and direct dials only can increase your reach rate and increase sales. 

by Index Ninja

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