Is Your Prospect the Decision Maker?

December 12, 2018by Index Ninja0

Ultimately, Time is of the essence when trying to reach the right Prospect. Is Your Prospect the Decision Maker or is your time more valuable researching who is? 

Not only the right time for you being prepared and ready, but the right time that your prospect actually needs your product or service (and will answer their phone).  

On average it takes 7 emails before a prospect will recognize you on a follow up call and an industry average of 18 calls to reach said prospect. 

Imagine spending all that time wasted on emailing and calling a prospect who is not the decision maker and can’t give you an answer to close the sale. 

Qualifying prospects is a time consuming process, best done thoroughly ahead of time.  That’s what we do for you at Index Ninja. 

We provide qualified and verified direct dials for the decision makers at your targeted company with the best days and times to reach your prospect, all you need to do is sell.

by Index Ninja

Direct Dial Verification Firm

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